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Mariya said:

I was resisting an anti-deppressant medication for a long time.I do believe that anti-depressant in congestiuon with psychotherapy are very effective in treatment of depression.
I know ethiology of depression, but thought that I was strong enough to cope with it by myself. When my depression started to effect my personal relationship with my fiance I finally asked Dr. to give me a prescription for Lexapra. I took it for 3-4 month, felt perfect with no any side effect, but decided to win myself of. After a short time my d3epression came back, even has worsened. So I am back on Lexapra. Yes, Lexapra suppress sexual libido, increases your appetite, I still ne4ed to take Ambien to have a decent night sleep, but I guess it worth to take medication. At list it forks for me for now.

golf boy said:

It took 6 days for the SAM-E to kick in. Otherwise, i felt this was doing me no good up till the 6th day. Wow, i played golf yesterday and felt relaxed and confident. Beat my arch rivals- club champ and other. My family tree has history of mental illness and really not sure what route to take. I kinda thought it was normal to feel depressed but hide it. Anyhow, i hope SAM-E works because im tired of faking it through life. Happy Holidays to all with many blessings. G

emily said:

supposing a baby fed on SMA gets constipation and looses appetite what best advise will give me to solve problem so that my baby puts back on weight and regains the energy.

Pat34 said:

Effexor withdraws a month after I stopped taking medication.

I took Effexor for over a year to help with anxiety. The side effects were annoying. Mostly the excessive sweating. I would be soaked in sweat just getting dressed for work, even if my apartment was 50 degrees. It was too embarrishing and caused worse anxiety constantly being soaked in sweat. This along with the sexual side effect made me decide not to take it anymore.

Luckly I timed my quit date with a major surgery I was having. I knew I would be bed bound and highly medicated. Well after two weeks of recovery from surgery, I still had effexor withdrawal. I had nightmares so realistic I was literally frightened to sleep. My entire face was numb for weeks. And after 3-4 weeks I still get tingling numbness and electic jolts through my skull/jaw. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.

Kathleen said:

I was on zoloft for a few years. It took my sex drive away. I had diarrhea all the time. I tapered off and stopped taking it. My sex drive came back. The diarrhea went away. My husband molested my granddaughters and I felt I needed to go back on the zoloft. One half pill and the diarrhea came back. Not taking that anymore. Still crying over my granddaughters.

Linda Greene said:

My 12 year old daughter has been on prozac for 17 days. She came to me saying shes seeing stuff and hearing things. The doctor thinks its a bad side effect. I don't know but my daughter is scared to death. I won't put a child on this medicene for nothing. The doctors ain't always right..

Biskit said:

My Mum has been having terrible anxiety and panic attacks, where she can't breath and then gets fixated on her breathing ability. She has lost nearly 3 stone in weight due to loss of appetite. She is sleeping and has cut out caffeine and alcohol. The Doctor prescribed her Lexapro 10mg and after 2 weeks upped her dose to 15mg and has been on them for 23 days now, she takes them at 8pm in the evening. There has been a small improvement in her panic attacks and she is having them less frequently at home, although she is more conscious when she's in public, but she is finding that in the mornings she can't get out of bed for crying and it takes her most of the day to find the ability to get out of bed, because of the "black cloud" that is hanging over her and morbid thoughts. Should she be feeling more improvement by now?

Anonymous82 said:

I was prescribed Zoloft after attempting suicide. I tried it for about two months, with no positive results. It didn't make me feel better, if anything I felt worse. I was still stressed, angry, anxious, etc. And to top it all off, it gave me horrible stomach cramps. The pains were so bad I eat, and when I could manage to force something down it would just come right back up. Ever since I've stopped taking it, I haven't been able to sleep more than an hour at a time. I've had terrible headaches and neck cramps ever since I stopped taking it. I wouldn't recommend this medication for anyone, any doctor that prescribes it should be stripped of their license to practice medicine.

Paulina said:

Has lexapro cause a person to be paranoid??

Jafety said:

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Catherine phizacklea said:

I am 23 and been on antideppesson tablets for about two months and i been sick and my belly looks percent keep getting alot of hed akes to i am on 50mg antideppesson tablets . Can u please help me

Kers78 said:

Started 3 days ago, three times a day after coming off Citropram due to adverse side effects inc. Insomnia. Its taking a while to sleep at night and then I cant get up but the worse things are the headaches. They are excruciating and I dont think i'll continue.

Shelly said:

I have been on Zoloft for 13 years now,before i was on Zoloft i had social anxiety so bad i couldn't even leave my house not even to stand on my door step or have people in my home. It took me 2 years to get the courage to go to the doctors to get a prescription but i am glad i did because it gave me my life back and while i still have times that i have anxiety it is not where near what it used to be i can do things with my kids now and go places and enjoy my life again. I am so happy

concerned mom said:

my daughter 20 is on celexa. she has terrible night mares. she sees dead people who shes never met. thinks we stand and yell at her and night. she truly believes this. shes been on the medicine a year and a half now. she doesnt smile. cant remember when she was happy. cant concentrate. weight increase of 40 lbs. she is almost bi-polar. has headaches. never taken drugs or drank in her life so this behavior is very abnormal. she is very involved in church too. teaches a children's class. if she tries to go off the meds she does something crazy like run away or cuss us or yell and cry, etc. it makes our life awful. I think its going to take a mental hospital to help us get her straightened out. I never thought I would walk in these shoes. I want my child back again.

lexus said:

lexapro is making me so tired and lethargic. i need to get off it. horrible.

Velvet said:

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Mickle jean said:

I was taking Wellbutrin for depression and anxiety or panic attacks. For a while I thought I was doing better then feelings of small thoughts of suicide started. What... Me never. Yes it did.. I guess it's not for me. It's taken around two full months to fully recover and so far I'm still dealing with insomnia and anxiety but no suicide.....

brenna said:

i just started taking celexa about 2 weeks ago and i've noticed that im enjoying it but im also on methadone and clonazapam now the only strange thing happens only with the celexa. it makes me pass out for hours in the weirdest positions like last night i think i fell asleep on the toilet (just taking my goodnight potty) and i was asleep in there with very bright bathroom lighting for about 4 hours i couldn't believe it i woke up n my neck was hurting as well as my knees really bad too, and i knew i hadn't like sleep walked from my bedroom cuz my bed was still made obvious signs i hadn't been in the room yet .. this happens every night. i had to stop taking it in the morning because it would make me actually nod out during the day like i was doing opiates again and also my eyes cross n i get double vision..idk whats going on but my brother who lives with me has said that hes come outta his room late at night n im just sitting upright with my head down to my chest like literally passed the F out and when i wake up from this its like 3-4 in the am and it doesn't feel like i've slept at all my 1 yr old son wakes up at around 8 and im so tired cuz i have not gotten any good type of sleep its starting to scare me i stopped taking it in the morning because i cant drive my son around with double vision so 3 days ago started to take it at night and sure enough i don't have double vision until i take the celexa i have almost burned my apt down by passing out with a cigg in my hand.....does celexa do this to anyone else..pls respond if it has happened to you either on this site or to my email at brennamccain@gmail.com pls i can use any help you can give me
pls help a single mommy,
brenna and baby jace

anna said:

Does it help for ocd and weight loss

Brooke said:

I've been taking Zoloft for a month I was dependabr on Xanax ambien abd my dr prescribed me remeron for sleep instead of ambien I gained 11 pounds in 2 months then he said Xanax trazadone abd Zoloft I can not sleep no matter how much Xanax I take. Zoloft has made me feel alive again but I cabt feel alive at 3 am, 5mgs of Xanax abd 6 beers later I feel like I'm on drugs uppers I don't know what to do. I'm addicted to Xanax but this is by the far I've ever taken to counteract the Zoloft abd the trazadone is a 50/50 I will fall asleep but wake up nauseous abd sick all day. What do I do. I like the Zoloft I haven't been this clear or motivated in Yeats :-(

Jill said:

Have just started Wellbutrin. Have increased urination. Does this side effect settle down with time?

determined to live said:

I've delt with add, ocd,anxiety and depression since a small child,my parents had no clue what was going on. At age 26 I was overcome with so-ocd and SAD. My doctor prescribed Paxil which in my opinion is by far the worst ssri. The withdrawal symptoms were really severe. After paxil I tried celexa and zoloft/sertraline along with abilify. The sertraline and abilify combo made me gain 100 plus pounds. I was sleepy hungry and lethargic all the time,but my symptoms did leave. Three years ago my therapist diagnosed me as having MDD. I've read a few of the post on here and one thing that is hardly mentioned is diet. It may be possible that some of the side effects of these meds are increased or made worse by an interaction with something you eat regularly. Some foods I steer clear of are soda,tea,coffee,candy,(especially after 5 pm)basically high glycemic foods. You may also be cautious about dyes and coloring in certain foods that may spike your blood sugar and heart rate resulting in a temporary mood lift only to crash later. Lately I've been trying fresh juice(not store bought)along with 100 milligrams of 5-htp per day and it's working well for me. Another supplement that's really helped me is CALM by Natural Vitality. It's basically an all natural powdered form of potassium that has excellent calming effects. This supplement will stop a panic attack dead in it's tracks. I hope my post helps someone. Don't give up hope,no matter how dark or low your mood becomes, no matter how intense the thoughts are to harm yourself, DON'T DO IT! As long as you're still breathing there's still a chance of feeling whole again.

James said:

I have been On Effexor for about 8 months now, previously I suffered quite sever anxiety and social phobia, it was ruining my life! Reading everybody's blogs there's no doubt that it has different effects on individuals, this medication saved my social life! I had always avoided confrontation, meeting new people even going to the supermarket made me nervous, after about 6-8 weeks I really felt the full effects of this medication and turned my life around, I now love meeting new people now and socializing is great. I don't suffer anxiety any more and it has cured my depression, the first 3 weeks on effexor 75mg was difficult! Suffered nausea, dizzy spells and was making me extremely tired but that went away. I was always against antidepressants they all have side affects and comming off them doesn't sound like much fun but it did get to a point were my anxiety was destroying me. It's unfortunate that people like myself have to turn to these kinds of drugs but like all illnesses sometimes they need to be medicated. In my opinion i think Effexor is a good drug as it has turned my life around for the better, in saying that I havent attempted to come off the stuff but I can imagine it would be difficult as I have missed doses and experience strange dizziness, I'll deal with that wen it comes to that time but right now I'm stoked because suffering from anxiety was fucked!!

Alicia said:

I started taking zoloft for my first time 25 mg in july, I took myself off of it a week later bc it made me have headaches everyday all day then suicidal thoughts really bad I did not notify my dr bc im scared to take anything else again. But ever since I stopped taking it ive been feeling weird head feelings&pressure on my head here and there. I have had thoughts of harming people and its made me have depression. I called my dr yesterday he said I should go back to taking it but wtf it makes me suicidal idk what to do and I can't tell anyone bc it's bad/: I don't have money to see a therapist, idk what to do but it's serious:(

kia said:


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